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Reduce Donation Costs with the Optimized ServanTek Donation System for Nonprofits

Our Solution: Optimized Payment Processing
While online payment processing has become a necessity for organizations these days, the complexities in the industry have made it very challenging for organizations to not only understand their total costs, but to take appropriate action to minimize them.  While a basic understanding of the industry is very helpful, the largest factor in minimizing processing costs is in the choice of which service provider you will use.  Furthermore, the transaction fees themselves can often be swamped by administrative costs and “card breakage” in the case of recurring transactions.  That is why ServanTek's system is focused on providing an “Optimized” processing solution which goes beyond just minimizing the per-transaction fees to minimizing administrative costs and maximizing the probability of success for each transaction.  In the end, we maximize your donations and minimize your headaches.

Why we do what we do . . .
In response to the needs of non-profit organizations, ServanTek launched a payment processing system in early 2008 to provide a simple, competitively priced solution for optimizing online donations.  With the founders and board members of ServanTek being business leaders who own and operate software development and payment processing consulting companies, our response to the industry need was a no brainer.  We leveraged our premier payment processing consultant and software development resources to begin developing a forward-looking, industry-leading solution, which also holds to our values:

  • Stewardship:  We work to keep our overhead to an absolute minimum, leveraging our resources to provide significant return on investment for organizations that we serve.
  • Non-Profit Support: In processing your payments through ServanTek, you not only benefit from competitive pricing, but you are also helping support other non-profit organizations as the small portion of a transaction fee that ServanTek receives helps us to provide more technology services to the non-profits sector.
  • Excellence: ServanTek is committed to providing a top notch solution to the organizations that it serves through its own practices as well as key partnerships with innovative, industry leading companies.
  • Simplicity: You receive the benefits of online credit card processing without the complexities and headaches involved in understanding and navigating the system, let alone the headaches of PCI compliance.
  • Focus: As we demonstrate in each of our services, we are focused on the needs of the organization that we serve and not on “selling a solution”.


. . . but that's not the end of the story.  We are continuously developing this system in order to better meet the needs of those we serve, adding more features and optimizations based on the expertise of our industry consultant partners.  We hope that we will also have the privilege of listening to and understanding the needs of your organization as we serve your payment processing needs as well.

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Our Heart

HeartWe are all about using our skills to serve others' needs and this is just another way that we "Harness the power of technology to meet the needs of people" - by growing the resources that are available to other non-profit organizations.

Value Benefit

Value BenefitWhen you process payments through ServanTek, not only do you get an excellent, cost competitive solution, but you are also supporting the work of ServanTek as we use our resources to serve the technology needs of the non-profit sector.

Quick FAQs

What types of payments do you accept?
We handle the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex) in addition to eChecks and PayPal.

Do you require a long term contract?
No. You can cancel your service at any time.  We believe that once you begin, you will want to stay with us.

Is your system secure?
Yes.  Like all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information, we too must maintain a secure environment and go through periodic assessments to ensure that we are PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

Does PCI apply to us?
Yes, given that you will handle credit card data.  However, our solution is designed to take this significant burden off of your shoulders, enabling you to fill out the shortest Self Assessment Questionnaire that they have.

Why process with us?
From our heart and mission to our experience and expertise, we are well suited to optimize your processing while simplifying your work.

How do recurring gifts work?
While the recurring option is integrated into the donation forms, a secure account is also setup for each donor who gives a recurring gift such that they can log in and manage their giving as well as view giving history.

"The ServanTek payment processor is an outstanding online credit card payment solution that seamlessly integrates into our website. Their systems for tracking and administering donations have dramatically improved our processing efficiency and their customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend the ServanTek system as the comprehensive online payment solution for organizations of any size.
- Deric Milligan, Inheritance of Hope